A self-sufficient estancia with buckets of history and character, also boasting some of the finest private access to the Collón Curá.

200,000 acres of estancia and boundless fishing to explore. 

The former headquarters of a 1,000,000 acre mega estancia, Quemquemtreu is now small by comparison, at a paltry 200,000 acres. The Zimmermann family have been managing the estancia (and latterly the lodge) for over 30 years, presiding over 5,000 head of cattle, more than 250 horses and polo ponies, and a vast population of wildlife, including many a puma. 

More than 30 families used to live here in what was a small town when the estancia was founded over 100 years ago, complete with hospital and school. The history is all part of the irresistible charm of Quemquemtreu which, at 90 minutes’ drive from the airport, is one of the most remote locations we work from. 


All within the estancia, Quemquemtreu has private access to more than 30 miles of prime fishing on the best stretches of the Collón Curá, providing unparalleled access for both floating and wading. This river provides endless fun with some of the best floating in the area, and perhaps even the world.

Early in the season, Quemquemtreu guests are also treated to the Quemquemtreu Creek, which provides excellent fishing with dry flies and streamers, especially for the browns: this is the only water in the area where the proportion of browns is higher than rainbows. Surrounded by pristine pampas fields, the experience is a very special one.

Its location means we can also fish the lower section of the Caleufu from Quemquemtreu, later in the season.


Guests are hosted with a welcoming ease by the Zimmermanns, in a rustic and cosy set up that gives guests a true taste for working estancia life. The lodge is entirely off grid, gathering all its own energy from solar panels and a water powered turbine, which is stored in batteries to keep the lights on.

The lodge can sleep up to 19 guests across ten bedrooms, but has a rod limit of 12 to ensure nobody ever feels too crowded.

Taking advantage of the many former estancia outbuildings, the bar is situated outside the main lodge a short walk away, while the lodge’s spacious quincho for hosting asados is also set slightly apart.


In keeping with its self-sufficient energy supply, Quemquemtreu also serves up dishes grown almost exclusively from the property. Vegetables come fresh from the garden, and there is plenty of beef to go around from the 5,000 head of cattle on the property raised by the estancia‘s gauchos.

Meals are traditional and delicious, supplemented by excellent Argentine wines.

The hosting at Quemquemtreu is relaxed and friendly, giving you the opportunity to fully embrace the Argentine style of life. 

Off the water

 While Quemquemtreu is a working estancia, guests are welcomed to enjoy the fishing and the gorgeous grounds of the lodge on foot rather than on horseback.

Aside from that, given its distance from town, the best thing to do is really just soak up the history and enjoy the magical solitude.

Any questions? Get in touch if you’d like some more details by following the link below.


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