With our local airport a short flight from Buenos Aires, reaching Patagonia is easier than you might think.

Once you touch down in Patagonia, we take over: our guides will be there to welcome you at the local airport, drive you between your lodges, and get you to the airport at the end of your trip to head back to Buenos Aires. All you have to worry about is getting yourself to us.

Being based in San Martín de los Andes, we are lucky to have a local airport (Chapelco) just a short drive from town, Casa Quilquihue and many of our partner lodges. There is at least one (and often more) flight a day from Buenos Aires to Chapelco and back, which take around 2hrs 30mins one way. Buenos Aires itself has a very busy international airport (Ezeiza), with flights to most international hubs departing daily. 

If you’re arriving or leaving by any other route, that’s no problem. Just let us know where to pick you up or drop you off around San Martín.

While getting here and back home is generally relatively straightforward, whether you choose to spend a few nights on Buenos Aires on the way down or back up or just want somebody to help make sure all the logistics run smoothly, we have a partner agency who can help you sort out your travel down to us. 

If you have any questions about travel or would like to be put in touch with our partner agency,
contact us at the link below.

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