Our handpicked selection of local guides are the best of the best, with years of experience on these waters.

We know the importance of a good guide.

As any fly fisherman knows, the right local guide is the best way to guarantee a successful day’s fishing in foreign waters. That’s why all of our guides are locals with years of experience fishing all the rivers and lakes we visit. Not only that, but we like to think they’re a pretty fun bunch too, which is fairly important when you spend some very long days in their company. 

Our head guide Peter was raised by one of them, grew up alongside a few more and has worked with the rest for over 10 years, so we’re confident we know them all inside out. Each speaks fluent English and brings their own personal skill set and sense of humour to the water, which we’re careful to marry up with our guests’ preferences.

Below are some of the guides we work with most regularly, but we also call upon some other local specialists when we think they fit the bill for particular guests. 

Peter Treichel, Head Guide and Founder

Born and raised in San Martín de los Andes, Peter started fishing at the age of 5 with his father Kurt, and was tying flies by the age of 12 before beginning his guiding career the moment he hit 18. Since then, he has worked with a range of outfitters from the area, most recently Patagonia River Guides, where he was a full time guide since its launch in 2010.

Peter has a passion for fly fishing, but especially for helping his guests catch fish. His days off work in summer are often spent guiding his friends and family, spending every spare moment in the water. He knows his home waters like the back of his hand, and is always exploring new spots to share with his guests.

He worked a season at Rainbow Valley Lodge in Montana, and spent another summer fishing most of the rivers in the US states of Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. Most of his trips revolve around fly fishing: he has travelled around the globe seeking fishing adventures in saltwater and freshwater, most recently visiting Mexico and the chalk streams of Stockbridge in England.

Favourite river: Chimehuín

Kurt ‘Tele’ Treichel

Peter and Jurgen’s father, and the second generation of Treichels to fish in Patagonia. Kurt began fishing his local waters aged just 8 with his own father and uncles, who were among the first families to settle in San Martín de los Andes from Europe. He has been a fishing fanatic ever since, amassing over 50 years’ experience, developing a particular expertise in fishing the area’s challenging lakes with his impressive flotilla of motor boats.

Over his guiding career he was worked for almost all of the area’s lodges and outfitters, and also runs his own operation catering mostly to Argentinian guests.

Kurt’s English is not quite as fluent as the rest of our guides (although he’s studying hard to catch up), but his massive personality and sense of fun make him one of everybody’s favourites.

Favourite lake: Falkner

Jurgen Treichel

Peter’s younger brother and another family fly fishing fanatic, Jurgen was also raised fishing by Kurt. Following in Peter’s footsteps, Jurgen began working in fishing as soon as he turned 18, working the summers with local outfitters while on holiday from university studying architecture.

Jurgen soon realised his true place in the world was on the water, and returned to Patagonia to guide full time. Since then he has also spent multiple summers working for Patagonia River Guides alongside Peter, guiding Argentinian guests with Kurt and guiding his own private guests on the rivers.

Favourite river: Traful

Santos Fernandez Madero

Santos ‘El Chiquito’ hails from Buenos Aires province, and first became hooked on both Patagonia and fly fishing on his first trip to the South aged 16.

He learnt remarkably quickly and was guiding summer seasons by 2006, before making the move to San Martín permanently in 2008. Since then he has been one of the most sought after and respected guides in the area, with a wicked sense of humour and eye on the water.

Favourite river: Quemquemtreu Creek

Niccolo ‘El Tano’ Baldeschi Balleani

Affectionately dubbed ‘El Tano’ (meaning ‘the Italian’) by all those who know him, Niccolo arrived in Argentina from his native Italy to begin guiding in 1995, a youthful fly fishing fanatic keen for a sense of the Patagonian wilds. 28 years later, he’s still here, and has rightfully earned his place among the best of the local guides. He had begun guiding in Italy 2 years before arriving here, having acquired his first rod aged 8.

A loveable character adored by all, when not in Patagonia Tano spends winters guiding in his native Italy or migrates North to guide in the States.

Favourite river: Chimehuín

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