The only way to fish the crystal clear waters of the Traful River, Arroyo Verde provides an estancia experience like no other.

Refined estancia elegance in a fairytale mountain paradise.

Arroyo Verde, meaning ‘green stream’ in Spanish, is tucked away in the verdant Traful River Valley, high in the mountains of the Nahuel Huapi National Park. The only way to fish the fabled Traful River, the lodge is located on a former working estancia steeped in history and tradition, evident in the formal, silver-service meals shared with the owners most evenings.

The Traful provides some of the most challenging and technical fishing for trout and the occasional landlocked salmon on offer, while the estancia itself, owned by the French Larivière family since 1932, is a veritable Patagonian paradise however you choose to explore it. Running for 35 years, this lodge is a seriously smart and unforgettable experience.


Arroyo Verde is the only way to fish the famed, crystal clear waters of the Traful River, due to its gloriously remote and private location. The river provides some of the most spectacular scenery imaginable for a day’s fishing, replete with majestic canyons and tempting pools, with most likely nobody else in sight.

The Traful River can only be waded, and provides the sole opportunity in the area to fish for elusive landlocked salmon. The fishing is not for beginners: the river provides highly technical, tricky sight fishing for big browns and rainbows as well as salmon. While you may not catch as many fish here as elsewhere, those you do land are likely to be the fish of your life: the Traful holds some of the biggest fish in the area.

The lodge is situated close to the river, so drives are short at around 15 minutes.


The lodge at Arroyo Verde is a highly refined yet traditional affair. Constructed of stone and wood, the main lodge has 6 supremely comfortable ensuite bedrooms, surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens with many spots from which to enjoy sunset.

Set slightly apart from the main lodge, the accommodation also includes a secluded cabin perched on a cliff protruding into Traful Lake with astonishing views, designed to sleep two comfortably (or a group of up to 6 happy to use 4 bunk beds) and perfect for couples.

The host Larivière family still manage the lodge themselves, and are often present for silver-service dinner in the lodge to share the estancia‘s fascinating history with guests.

Located 2 hours from the airport in San Martín and around an hour from Bariloche, Arroyo Verde is a gloriously remote experience. 


Arroyo Verde serves some of the best food on offer in the lodges in the area. The food is traditional and homemade, but with an international influence.

Dining at Arroyo Verde is an event of itself: members of the charismatic host family usually join guests for dinner in the evening evening, which is a formal affair. If you’re looking for a lodge where you’re expected to scrub up a little every night for a touch of glamour, this is the place for you.

Off the water

Arroyo Verde offers much more than just fishing. Situated on one of the most beautiful and historic estancias in the area, the scenery is truly breathtaking. Guests can explore on horseback on guided rides, on foot hiking the estancia’s mountains, or with a bird watching guide to make the most of the nature on offer.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also combine horse riding with fishing: fishing some mountain pools only accessible by horse is a truly special day out here.

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