Northern Patagonia’s world famous trout waters offer unforgettable days fishing, whether river or lake.

A veritable fly fisherman’s paradise.

The fresh water fly fishing in Northern Patagonia is widely renowned to be among the best in the world. We fly fish both rivers and lakes for predominantly rainbow and brown trout, although we also know where to head to search for rarer brook trout, native fish such as perch and pejerrey and even the occasional landlocked salmon.

The array of fishing on offer means there is something for everybody, from beginner to seasoned pro. Our local expert guides know every inch of these waters and – equally importantly – how to have a good time, the Argentinian way: long days on the river are interspersed with indulgent three course lunches whether you’re floating all day or heading back to the lodge, complete with red wine and beef. 

On foot or afloat…

More often than not, we spend our days on the rivers floating the water in a drift boat, rowed by your guide and capable of taking up to two guests at a time. This allows you to enjoy a longer stretch of the river than you would see wading, and also means we can access spots impossible to reach on foot or by truck.

Having said that, we’re also equally happy getting our feet wet wading, especially in smaller rivers.

On the lakes we generally use motor boats to cover the water quickly, although we do fish a couple of areas which can be accessed by row boat only.

Easy reach.

Depending on where you’re staying, drives to the river from the lodges or Casa Quilquihue can be as short as 10 minutes, meaning you can easily pop back for lunch, or enjoy a leisurely breakfast before hitting the water.

We fish a range of public access and private access waters, depending on where you have chosen to stay.

Kitted out.

We provide all your kit and tackle for you, so you don’t need to worry about travelling with all your gear. Obviously, if you’d prefer to bring your own, you’re more than welcome. 

We use a wide range of flies throughout the season, depending on the water, weather and time of day in question: our guides are always well stocked with dry flies, nymphs and streamers.

Catch and release.

All of the fishing you’ll do with us in Patagonia is catch and release. This helps us ensure that our famed fish stocks remain high, and that fly fishing here retains its purist, sporting roots to attract the best anglers.

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Bespoke Fly Fishing Trips

No two Fish Patagonia trips are the same: we design every group’s bespoke trip from the ground up around their preferences.

The Rivers

Northern Patagonia boasts an enormously diverse river system with world class conditions for fly fishing.

The Lakes

Our local glacial lakes are an unmissable feature of the fishing on offer with Fish Patagonia.

The Season

Seven months to enjoy fishing in Patagonia, from November to May.

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