A family-run treasure nestled in one of the most magical, remote valleys in Patagonia.

A true escape into the Patagonian wilderness.

Estancia Tres Lagos, which also gives its name to this gem of a fishing lodge, is an 80,000 acre cattle estancia which has been in the Fernandez Beschtedt family for generations. Today, they own and manage the lodge themselves, which is an enchanting traditional log affair surrounded by guest cabins tucked away in the Filo Hua Hum valley, widely considered to be one of the most scenic places in Patagonia.

Forming part of the Lanín and Nuhuel Huapi National Parks, this isn’t a place you forget in a hurry, neither for the setting nor the fishing.


Estancia Tres Lagos, which takes its name from the three lakes which surround it – Lago Nuevo, Lago Falkner and Filo Hua Hum – has access to both excellent lake and river fishing. The lakes in the valley are fished using a row boat only, which helps maintain this area’s untouched charm.

The Filo Hua Hum river, which runs from Lago Nuevo to Filo Hua Hum, is an experienced angler’s dream. Technical and mostly sight fishing, this is a river you hike to fish properly. Beginners can enjoy the easier fishing from the lakes, but the river is better territory for the thoroughly schooled.

From Tres Lagos, we can also access the Caleufu river, and a few hidden spring creeks in the valley itself.


The main lodge itself brings to mind fairytale cabins, constructed of logs and in the most picturesque setting imaginable overlooking the unspoiled river and lake. That’s not to say this place doesn’t offer luxury: guests enjoy evenings in the wood fired hot-tub overlooking the lake, and sleeping quarters are very comfortable.

Three newer cabins also surround the main lodge offering some more private accommodation bringing the total number of guests at any one time to 8, but meals are all shared in the original log building. 

Your host family are a warm and welcoming presence, there to enrich your stay with histories of how this place came to be.


Meals at Estancia Tres Lagos are truly excellent. All three daily meals are served at the lodge, and often feature exceptional beef raised on the estancia itself.

Off the water

While Estancia Tres Lagos is a wonderful playground for anglers, there are not many other activities on offer for those who prefer to stay away from the river. Having said that, hiking through the estancia and National Park or just soaking up the scenery is a glorious way to while away a day or two. 

Any questions? Get in touch if you’d like some more details by following the link below.


Arroyo Verde

The only way to fish the crystal clear waters of the Traful River, Arroyo Verde provides an estancia experience like no other.

Collon Cura Lodge

An intimate lodge with unrivalled access to the lower Collón Curá, boasting 30 miles of private access to fish from.

Mamuil Malal

As authentic and unique an estancia experience as they come, with private access to 15 miles of the Malleo.


An enormous self-sufficient estancia with buckets of history and character, also boasting some of the finest private access to the Collón Curá.

San Huberto

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River House

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World renowned for both its 5 star fishing and hospitality, Tipiliuke is the ultimate luxurious yet authentic estancia experience with private access to the Chimehuín.

Tres Rios

A remote yet polished lodge with enviable views and fishing, overlooking the confluence of the Chimehuín and Collón Curá rivers.
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