Don’t just take our word for it: read what some of our guests have to say about fishing with our guides.

Peter is one of my favourite people to fish with anywhere in the world. He’s a brilliant guide and wonderful company. As soon as I heard he was starting Fish Patagonia, I rounded up some friends and headed down to the wonderful Casa Quilquihue. We had an incredible week of fishing on great rivers and wonderful lakes. The food, hospitality and operations are terrific all around!

David Coggins, author of “The Optimist

USA, January 2024


We spend so much of our life struggling with expectations and then along comes something which not just lives up to the hype — but exceeds it in ways unimaginable. I’m forever ruined for fishing trips because of my time with the most excellent people at Fish Patagonia. My standards have been forever raised by this incredible experience.”

Michael Williams, USA, January 2024


My friend Peter possesses the three most important skills that make a seasoned guide. He has the time under his belt to command the boat and river skills. He has the people skills to understand when instruction or simple encouragement is needed for a client. He has the knowledge to put clients on fish with the best opportunity to be successful. I am a repeat fisher to Argentina and have asked for Peter as a guide.”

Jack, USA

Jurgen was an absolute gem! From picking us up to dropping us off we were so well looked after. As a total newbie and an experienced fisherman, he balanced our knowledge amazingly. He taught me to cast and guided Hugo on areas to focus on, drawing from his wealth of knowledge of the river. We also had an incredible freshly cooked lunch on the river bank with a glorious glass of malbec. A memory we talk about constantly – thank you Jurgen and Fish Patagonia for a magical day! You’ve turned a novice fisherwoman into an addict – I’m hooked! We can’t wait to come back!”

Kate and Hugo, UK, March 2023

I have fished with Peter Treichel on several occasions. When you fish with Peter you are going to catch a lot of fish. But more importantly, when you spend multiple days in a drift boat with a guide, you want to be with someone who is fun to be with. Peter is a charming guy with a terrific sense of humour. He is a joy to be with. I have fished around the world and have been with no better guide or person. Peter comes with my highest personal recommendation.”

Bob, USA

two fly fishermen wading in the Malleo river

I have fished on two separate trips with Peter and can say without hesitation that he is an absolute top-class guide and true gentleman. On both occasions my father and I spent a week fishing, driving, and sharing meals with Peter. He is a wonderful conversationalist in English and Spanish with a good sense of humour. His respect for his craft and the natural world around him exudes through his deep local knowledge. Peter has intimate familiarity of every river and lake on which I’ve fished with him and is obviously very well-liked by clients, colleagues and, perhaps most notably, property owners which allows his guests unparalleled access to highly desirable fishing opportunities. He has the experience to attend to the minute needs of a wide range of clients and is a very thoughtful person. I’ve caught several “fish of a lifetime” in his boat and I eagerly look forward to our next trip on the water.

Vlad, USA

The fishing trip of our dreams! Dealing with Fish Patagonia was a total joy; thank you for tailoring everything to our needs and making it such a fun and special experience! Breathtaking rivers, scenery, and the fishing is second to none!

Archie, UK, November 2023

We can’t thank Fish Patagonia enough for the going above and beyond, creating the most wonderful honeymoon experience for us! Fishing in the most picturesque of locations with the best guides – we are counting down the days until we can come back! Thank you for a truly magical adventure!

Emily, UK, November 2023

Peter and Holly and their team do their utmost to please and they succeed. The high quality of the lounge at Casa Quilquihue, the lovely cook, the skilled and patient guiding, the spectacular scenery on different rivers each day, the lovely wild fish, all gave us one of the best fishing trips of our lives. We will return.”

Kostia, France, March 2024

I had an absolutely fantastic experience fly fishing with Peter Treichel in Patagonia, Argentina! Peter’s expertise and passion for fly fishing made the trip unforgettable. He took us to some of the most breathtaking spots, and his knowledge of the local waters and fish species was impressive. Not only did he provide top-notch guidance and instruction, but he also created a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere throughout the trip. I caught some remarkable fish and learned valuable techniques thanks to Peter’s patient and helpful teaching style. I highly recommend Peter as a fly fishing guide in Patagonia; he will undoubtedly provide you with an unforgettable adventure and help you create lasting memories on the water. Looking forward to my next trip with him!

Chase, USA

My daughter and I fished for a week with Peter over Christmas of 2022 and had a wonderful time. We found Peter to be a highly skilled guide who was patient and an excellent teacher. He worked very hard and did a wonderful job of putting us on the fish. I would absolutely recommend him and plan to fish with him again in the future.”

Andrew, USA, December 2022

Peter is an excellent guide who is fun to be with and knows where the fish are and what flies are best. My son and I fished with Peter in January of 2013. We stayed at Tipiliuke Lodge and fished some of the most well-known rivers and sight fished for large trout at a lake too. When we returned to the lodge each evening, we like the rest of the anglers, compared our day’s results. With Peter’s guiding we consistently caught more fish each day than any of the other guests.

George, USA, 2013

Peter has tremendous local knowledge and knew exactly the best spots to cast. He very carefully and patiently introduced us to the real fun and pleasure of fly fishing. It is obvious Peter has a great love and passion for fly fishing. We are returning to Patagonia this year and have already re-booked with Peter and Fish Patagonia.”

Mike and Nicola, UK

I recently had the pleasure of embarking on a fly-fishing trip in Patagonia with Peter as my guide and cannot recommend him highly enough. His extensive knowledge of the region, combined with his personable nature and intelligence, made for an unforgettable experience. From the moment we met, Peter’s passion for fly-fishing and his deep connection to the Patagonian landscape were evident. His local expertise was invaluable as he effortlessly navigated the rivers and streams, leading us to the most promising fishing spots. His understanding of the area’s unique ecosystem and the behaviour of the fish was truly impressive. In short, my experience with Peter in Patagonia was nothing short of exceptional. His knowledge of the region combined with his personable approach, made for an exceptional experience. I wholeheartedly recommend him as a fly-fishing guide for anyone seeking an extraordinary experience in Patagonia.”

David, USA, February 2023

I am excited to see Peter and his team launch Fish Patagonia! Our entire family, each with different skill sets, has had the benefit of being guided by Peter on more than one occasion. And we would tell you it is an experience not to be missed! He has a contagious optimism that is fun to be around. And he will do everything in his power to make sure you have a wonderful and successful time fly fishing in Patagonia! Congratulations and we hope to see you again soon!

Mary, USA, 2015

Peter kicked ass and kept a smile on my face. It was a trip of a lifetime.

Adam, USA, March 2023

Peter is unrivalled. Having fished in numerous countries and half the United States with countless guides, I can confidently say Peter is one of the best! His technical knowledge, patience, sense of humour and the fact you wish he would be a lifelong friend makes him the entire package. If you Fish Patagonia with anyone else, you’re missing out!

Marco, January 2024, USA

casa quilquihue at night

Fish Patagonia is one of my best “souvenirs” in 40 years of fishing outside France (Iceland, B.C., Russia, Chile).

You are a very good team. The organisation is perfect, Casa Quilquihue is a fantastic house, the floating system with Peter rowing, wading and lunches are also perfect…and Peter’s fishing experience is unique. Nothing to improve on…just continue! I will recommend you to all my friends for fly fishing in Patagonia.

I wish for Fish Patagonia the worldwide success you deserve.

Yvon, France, March 2024

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