Northern Patagonia’s glacial lakes provide some of the most breathtaking backdrops imaginable for a day’s fishing.

Experience the majesty of Patagonia’s lakes with the pros.

Our local glacial lakes are an unmissable feature of the fishing on offer with Fish Patagonia. Setting us apart from most of the other guides and outfitters in the area, we hold a Lanín National Park Outfitters’ License which allows us to guide inside the Park and offer our guests unparalleled access to fishing the magnificent lakes on our doorstep.

Lake fishing is at its best in December and January when the lakes abound with dragonflies, which allows us to sight fish along the banks on dry flies. While the volume of water in the lakes makes finding fish a little more challenging than in the rivers, those which you do catch are often larger, and are more of a challenge for the experienced angler. As we fish most of the lakes from motor boats, the engines must be cut and boats held far away from the banks so as not to spook the fish. This means lake fishing is better suited to those capable of long casts, and a knowledgeable guide and boat handler is key: luckily, our guides are some of the most experienced and respected lake fishermen in the area. Kurt alone has been fishing these waters for over 50 years.

That said, days on the lake provide something for everyone, beginner or pro: the scenery is unforgettable, with pristine, peaceful waters surrounded by mountains carpeted in dense, native forest. Three course lunches are enjoyed from secret beaches often unreachable except by boat, providing the picnic spot of a lifetime.

Each of the lakes we fish is beautiful in its own unique way.


Falkner is a fabulously dramatic lake, surrounded by some of the most stunning mountain chains and ancient Patagonian forest to be found in the area. It also feeds into, and is fed by, another couple of lakes, which can be fished at the same time.

Falkner is a great option for days when the weather isn’t quite perfect, as it’s very well protected by its surrounding peaks. The water is home to some beautiful brown trout and a good quantity of rainbows, as well as some rarer brook trout.

Only a short drive away from San Martín, we can take guests to fish Falkner from Casa Quilquihue, Tipiliuke or River House.


Also within easy reach of town, Lolog is a great lake to fish with a healthy fish population and large browns. Our expert guides know exactly where to head to find some very productive tributaries which provide excellent fishing early in the season.

We can also fish Lolog with guests from Casa Quilquihue, Tipiliuke and River House.


One of the most picturesque lakes in the area, Tromen boasts Lanín volcano as its backdrop and some impressive slab rock walls. It also happens to hold some of the biggest lake fish to be found in Northern Patagonia.

A little further away from base, we can fish Tromen with guests from Casa Quilquihue, Tipiliuke, Mamuil Malal and San Huberto.


Lácar is the only lake we fish which flows into the Pacific through Chile rather than the Atlantic, and lies on the beach of the town of San Martín de los Andes. This means it’s one of the busier lakes we fish, not that the fishing is any less exciting: those who know where to head in its quieter corners are rewarded with amazing spots home to great sized fish.

Very handily located, we can fish Lácar from Casa Quilquihue, Tipiliuke and River House. It’s also a great option to combine with a visit into town on the way home.

Filo Hua Hum

Nestled at the end of the Filo Hua Hum river, this lake is particularly serene as it can be fished only by row boats: no engines allowed. The lake lies in a stunning glacial valley in the National Park, and has some wonderful reed beds at the mouth of the river which produce some great dragonfly hatches for excellent dry fly fishing.

A day on the lake can also be combined with walking upstream to fish the river.

We fish Filo Hua Hum from Estancia Tres Lagos, which is right on its banks. We can also reach it from Casa Quilquihue, if you’re feeling up to a 3 hour round trip.

Epulafquen / Huechulafquen / Paimún

Technically a trio of connected lakes, forming an enormous combined water system with impressively diverse fishing on offer. The lakes are overshadowed by the majestic Lanín volcano right on the border with Chile, and are bordered by distinctive volcanic beaches with black sand.

The scale of the water system gives us plenty of options to adapt to weather conditions. The lakes are in a National Park and an indigenous Mapuche reservation, offering a taste of a different side of Patagonia, and are well worth the slightly lengthier drive to reach them.

We can take guests staying at Casa Quilquihue or Tipiliuke to fish this chain of lakes.

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