A Trip To Remember – Casa Quilquihue

Back in January, we had the pleasure of hosting our old friend David Coggins for a week long stay at Casa Quilquihue, along with five new friends he brought down to Patagonia with him.

David is a fanatical fisherman and the author of The Optimist: A Case for the Fly Fishing Life, and the soon to be published The Believer: A Year in the Fly Fishing Life. He is also a well-known columnist, and writes his own online newsletter The Contender. David first came to Patagonia to fish seriously about 5 or 6 years ago: this was his fourth time back. Our Head Guide and Co-Founder Peter had already guided David on multiple occasions, and in fact appears in both The Optimist and The Believer, where David recounts his fly fishing adventures in Patagonia over the years in dedicated chapters.


fishermen gathered by the river


In David’s group was Michael Williams, a close friend of David’s and another travel and lifestyle aficionado with his own newsletter, A Continuous Lean. A very accomplished golfer, Michael is a more recent convert to the fly fishing life, and was visiting Patagonia for his very first time.

David and Michael also combine forces on the weekly podcast Central Division, an episode of which they recorded on the ground straight from Casa Quilquihue, recounting tales of and reflections on their trip with us.

As if that wasn’t enough, Michael’s happens to be a very handy photographer: all the photos on this blog entry are credit to him.

We’re very pleased to share some wonderful articles they have penned about their time with us, as well as their podcast.


patagonia landscape

The Contender

Read on to understand why David loves Patagonia quite so much, why you should come with us to fish with “Peter, one of the great guides anywhere”, and why “a week in Patagonia will be one of the great trips you take.”

A Continuous Lean

Michael shares some wonderful photos with descriptive captions in his blog post on A Continuous Lean and even leaves us some very flattering reviews, topping it all off with: “By the way — Fish Patagonia is insanely good. There’s really no one else to consider. I’ve never felt more comfortable recommending something in my life.

Central Division Podcast

In their podcast episode “On the Water”, David and Michael recorded their reflections on their stay with us on their last morning at Casa Quilquihue. Have a listen for their experiences with our legendary asados, the unique experience of fishing in Patagonia’s estancia culture, and the value of building lasting relationships with trusted guides year after year.


fly angler in Patagonia


For those whose interest has been piqued, read on for a little more background on Casa Quilquihue itself, and the fishing itinerary we put together for David and Michael’s group.

Casa Quilquihue

When we launched Fish Patagonia, David was one of the first to book a trip with us to come and see what Casa Quilquihue has to offer. The Casa, exclusively available to Fish Patagonia guests, is a new and unique proposition on the fly fishing scene here in Patagonia. We offer Casa Quilquihue to private groups only, of up to 8 guests. It differs from the traditional lodge set up in that it’s only ever going to be your group there, rather than sharing the lodge and meal times with other guests.


Casa Quilquihue


Your top class private chef prepares all your meals in house, including your three course riverside picnics which accompany you out to the river or lake every day. You and the rest of your group then head out with your allocated guides for the day to fish some of the huge range of water accessible from the house’s prime location near San Martín de los Andes, before returning to the house for cocktail hour before dinner to trade your tales of the day’s adventures.

The house is a modern yet tasteful marvel, sat right on the banks of the gorgeous Quilquihue River, with a wood fired hot tub overlooking the water to watch the Southern stars at night or enjoy your first post-fishing drink of the day.


Fishing Itinerary

During their trip with us, David, Michael and the rest of the group fished a large range of local waters. We always assess the day’s fishing based on weather conditions, the group’s fishing experience and preferences and the time of year. Visiting us in mid-January during our Patagonian summer, all the fisherman alternated between the following options:

  • Collón Curá River;
  • Chimehuín River;
  • Malleo River;
  • Aluminé River
  • Filo Hua Hum River; and
  • Falkner Lake.

Feeling inspired to plan your own dream trip to Patagonia? Contact us to get the ball rolling, and set up a call with Peter to discuss your plans. We’d be delighted to hear from you.


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